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Welcome to Anima-Strath South Africa

Welcome to
South Africa

100% Natural, For All Animals, At All Lifestages.

Your pet depends on you. Ensuring that they have the correct nutrition is essential for their health and well-being. This could mean the difference between your pet thriving or just surviving.

Anima-Strath is a 100% natural nutritional supplement made in Switzerland with a formula that has remained unchanged since 1961. The 61 different nutrients in Anima-Strath are easily absorbed by your pet’s body, helping to support and maintain optimal biological function, particularly when the body isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should.

Anima-Strath is suitable for all species, and with both liquid and granules to choose from, this makes it the perfect choice for your animal.

Boredom busters for you and your dog

Boredom busters for you and your dog

Being house bound for long periods of time can be stressful (or boring) for both you and your pet, especially if they are used to daily works out the yard, car rides and outings. On the other hand, if you pets are anything like Max and his friends that we know from the movie, The Secret Life Of Pets, then being left at home is an adventure of its own. For the sake of the first scenario, we have put a list of games together to keep you and your pet stimulated, mentally and physically.


I thought that after a couple of months she would pick up and be her old happy playful self.


Little Micki is now 10 weeks old and weighs 802 grams. He can finally be vaccinated and homed thanks to your product.

Mieke's pups

With Anima-Strath her coat stayed shiny and thick and she was never underweight. The puppies are now on solid food and get their own Anima-Strath too!

Charlie's foot

A few weeks ago Willow attacked Charlie and bit him. He tried to get away but his right foot got stuck and he damaged the nerves in his foot.

Tango's turnaround

Tango, a two-year old Africanis began life in misery, infested with ticks and worms. A Facebook page, one man’s commitment and a Swiss supplement changed his fate.

My Chickens

My chickens started coughing 2 – 3 months ago. I heard about Anima-Strath from a friend and decided to give it a try…


On Sunday, 27 Jan 2019, I came across baby Cuba, my first ever foster. He was rescued by a girl in KwaNgcolosi where KZN Valley Dogs feed after his mom and siblings all died for unknown reasons…


My precious cat Mocca is 6 years old now and she has always suffered with a terrible skin allergy, which caused flaky skin and sores all over her little body….

Dylan Burczak

Anima Strath has been such a great product for me and my 🐝


Toe kry ons die raad van Anima-Strath. Nou kry sy elke aand paar druppels op haar pap, eet ook nie die pap daarsonder nie…


My English Bulldog, Snowflake, had very thin hair after giving birth. Owing to her colour (white) the sight of her dark skin pigmentation was also enhanced…


Tigerli became ill about a year ago, refused food, lost weight and his coat deteriorated. After 3 injections and a course of tablets by the vet, Tigerli was still not himself….


My 4 year old Doberman, Diesel, suffers with allergy problems related to food and the environment in general. Despite changing his diet and medicinal treatment, he was still struggling with sneezing, watery eyes, spots in his ears and blisters on his paws….

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