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I have been giving Rocky, my Rottweiler, Anima-Strath since he was 10 weeks old as a supplement to fill any gaps there may be in his diet. I am sure that Anima-Strath has contributed to his beautiful glossy coat.

I initially started him off on granules but then moved over to the elixir due to the bigger pack size catering for all my fur babies a bit better.

Rocky loved the granules and loves the elixir even more (even my very fussy eater Maltese loves the sweetness).

I pour Anima-Strath syrup over his breakfast kibbles and he woofs this up in no time leaving his bowl spotless!

I love the fact that this product is 100% natural and I have peace of mind that this supplement contains no ingredients or additives that could be harmful to my dogs.


Michelle Reid

My name Nikki Inman-Bamber, I rescue Kittens for Kitty Care – Durban. I recently took a very small 420gram 6 week old kitten (Micki) to Dr Yesh Govender at Montclair Animal Hospital. These kittens had a very hard start to life and suffered serious stomach issues and were malnourished. After a round of antibiotics and treatments this kitten was not gaining any weight. Micki was 360gm when I got him 2 weeks prior. He was eating well but his little body just wasn’t absorbing nutrients and his immune system was down.

MickiDr Yesh recommended your product Anima-Strath for these babies and within 10 days Little Micki gained 110 grams. We were both so shocked and impressed. I dosed 2ml per day in two 1ml doses as getting meds into kittens is hard.

I’ve continued to use the Anima-Strath with the whole litter and seen improvement in their coats, overall well-being and appetite.
Little Micki is now 10 weeks old and weighs 802 grams. He can finally be vaccinated and homed thanks to your product. All the other kittens in the litter all look beautifully healthy and are ready for their Furever Homes.


Nikki Inman-Bamber

After the passing of her best Corgi buddy, Pippa became withdrawn, slow and sluggish. She was sleeping more often than usual and simply put, did not seem herself. I thought that after a couple of months she would pick up and be her old happy playful self. This unfortunately did not happen and over a year later Pippa still seemed sad and even stressed at times.

She fell ill recently with a tummy upset and I had heard about Anima-Strath and how this product could assist in her recovery. With just over a month of giving Anima-Strath daily to Pippa, she not only fully recovered from her tummy upset in record time but also seemed to be getting a bounce back in her step.

I am happy to say that she is back to her old playful tricks, exploring in the garden again hunting for all sorts of things and in general she seems happier. Her coat is beautiful and shiny, and I can honestly say that she is my bright eyed and bushy tailed scotty dog again. Thanks Anima-Strath!


Michelle Reid

My Beagle, Mieke, had a litter of puppies 8 weeks ago. All through her pregnancy and during lactation I gave her Anima-Strath. She maintained a good weight and the puppies are beautiful and strong.

During previous litters, despite giving her more nutrient-rich puppy food, Mieke’s condition would usually deteriorate slightly, as the pups would literally milk her dry. She would lose too much weight, her coat would be dull and shaggy.

With Anima-Strath her coat stayed shiny and thick and she was never underweight. The puppies are now on solid food and get their own Anima-Strath too! Even the vet has commented on the immaculate condition they were in when they went for their check-ups. Anima-Strath completes my Beagles’ diets.

Mieke's pups

Angelique Bezuidenhout

I have two Ring necks a male named Charlie and a female named Willow.

A few weeks ago Willow attacked Charlie and bit him. He tried to get away but his right foot got stuck and he damaged the nerves in his foot. I took him to the vet and they thought he would need to be put down due to the wound being really deep! I was devasted! The vet said they would examine the wound and she would let me know if they would need to put him down.

I received a call later that afternoon advising me that I could fetch him and that they had giving him to two stitches. We were told to monitor him. As soon as we got home I started giving him Anima-Strath syrup with a syringe and gave it to him three times a day for that week.

By his next visit to the vet his wound had closed but the vet was concerned about his foot as he could not use it or walk on it and said it might stay like that permanently but it was ok he would get used to it. She showed us how to do leg exercises with him which we did every day for that week and continued to give him lots of Anima-Strath. By Wednesday he started walking on his leg again and was back to his normal habits of climbing up my curtains and furniture.

I think without Anima-Strath his leg would not recovered as quickly as it did.


Tango, a two-year old Africanis began life in misery, infested with ticks and worms. A Facebook page, one man’s commitment and a Swiss supplement changed his fate.

His owner, Daryl, explains: “Two years back, a sick puppy was brought in a little blue bucket to KZN Valley Dogs’ weekly feeding station in the KwaNgcolosi township. The pup’s condition was dreadful, hundreds of ticks hung like grapes from his ears and between his toes. He had scabs on his body from tick bites and the beginnings of mange.

Given his severe malnutrition, the vet could only estimate he was between six and eight weeks old. KZN Valley Dogs named him ‘Bucket Boy’ and began looking for an adoptive family through Facebook.’

“When I saw the photos, I thought ‘That’s my dog,’ so I adopted him. Wanting to honor the little guy’s fight against all odds, I decided to give him a name worthy of his struggle, and so ‘Bucket Boy’ was renamed ‘Tango’ (well actually, his full names are Tango Sunshine Bucket Boy). Tango was lethargic and weak. Adamant to make a difference in his life, my immediate action was to get some weight on him.

He improved in the first few weeks but was nothing like a normal pup, despite being fed premium puppy food. I worried there might be some underlying problem.

A friend suggested Anima-Strath, saying it would improve his condition and build his immune system. So Tango started getting Anima-Strath four times a day. This was the tipping point. In about a week, Tango changed into a playful, inquisitive pup. Within four weeks, he started filling out and developed a shine to his coat.

He still takes it today and the dog I feared wouldn’t live is my happy, healthy, content best friend. In fact, ‘Bucket Boy’ soon fell off his name, just like the last dead tick. Now he’s simply ‘Tango’, the ‘Sunshine’ to our lives.”

Tango's turnaround

My chickens started coughing 2 – 3 months ago. I heard about Anima-Strath from a friend and decided to give it a try. I added the granules to the chickens’ food once a day and noticed a significant difference in 3 days. I also decided to add the elixir to 750ml of their water and replaced this every 2 days or when the water was dirty.

My chickens are now beautiful and strong. I am happy to say that they also started laying eggs again which they stopped doing while they were ill!

My Chickens

Mrs Christinah Mnyandu

On Sunday, 27 Jan 2019, I came across baby Cuba, my first ever foster. He was rescued by a girl in KwaNgcolosi where KZN Valley Dogs feed after his mom and siblings all died for unknown reasons and she was trying to feed him cows milk from her own baby’s bottle. After explaining to Lungiswa that Cuba wouldn’t survive on this milk she agreed to let me foster him until he is weaned and healthy.

He came to me as a tiny pocket of bones, almost lifeless and unable to even lift his head. I immediately started him on puppy formula and one drop of Anima-Strath with every bottle. Its been a rollercoaster with sleepless nights feeding Cuba every 2/3 hours, loads of poop and pee in and on my bed and blankets, every morning waking up early to do a load of his washing, and heaps and heaps of love, kisses and cuddles.

Cuba Puppy Cuba Puppy OlderIf you look at the photos you will see how he has picked up weight beautifully and his mange like spots have disappeared completely.

I am convinced the Anima-Strath had a huge part to play in this massive turnaround.

He is now my foster-fail. After a fair trade with Lungiswa, I have adopted the munchkin, kept his name and he is an absolute terror… but my heart is happy and he brings so much life into my home.

– Melissa



My precious cat Mocca is 6 years old now and she has always suffered with a terrible skin allergy, which caused flaky skin and sores all over her little body. Despite her being put onto cortisone and changing her food on numerous occasions there was never any real change to her condition and we continued to struggle with her skin.

It was 6 weeks ago that I first heard of Anima-Strath, I was curious and decided to give it a try on Mocca. I honestly cannot believe the change, her skin has started to clear and her coat has even started shining! Thank you, for giving Mocca the beautiful skin and coat she deserves. I am so thrill with the results.

Thank you Anima-Strath!
From Mocca & Denise


The now not so shabby cat!

Anima Strath has been such a great product for me and my bees 🐝A completely natural and effective way of supplementing my hives to give them nutrients that they need in order to be more productive, and at the same time does not affect the honey in any way that sugar supplements do 🍯

This is only the beginning of me using Anima-Strath, but I know that my bees will be happier and more productive!


Dylan Burczak

P.O. Box Honey

Ons teel met papegaaie en het ‘n wyfie gekry vir ‘n mannetjie wat alleen was. Ons kom toe agter dat sy mak is en lekker praat.

Sy het baie swaar gekry in die buite hokke, toe neem ons haar maar in die huis in. Ons ken glad nie haar agtergrond nie maar vermoed dat sy in ‘n “workshop” omgewing tussen mannne was, sy praat net met ‘n mansstem en bestel goed telefonies. Kan duidelik hoor sy praat oor die foon, en gee ook opdragte “as jy klaar is pak daardie goed opmekaar”.

Maar haar dieet was swak en ek glo sy het saam met die manne “gedrink”. Sy raak vreeeeeeslik opgewonde as sy ‘n glas met donker iets sien,”brandy&coke????” Haar veerkwaliteit was baie swak en lelik, lyk of dit gehark was.

Toe kry ons die raad van Anima-Strath… Nou kry sy elke aand paar druppels op haar pap, eet ook nie die pap daarsonder nie. Sy is nou besig met haar 3de bottel. Haar vere lyk al so mooi en haar ogies mooi lewendig en blink!

Alta Van Rensburg


African Gray

My English Bulldog, Snowflake, had very thin hair after giving birth. Owing to her colour (white) the sight of her dark skin pigmentation was also enhanced.

After administration of Anima-Strath liquid twice a day her coat improved considerably. She made a complete change of coat from back to front, it is much denser now and the skin pigmentation is hardly visible.


English Bulldog

Tigerli became ill about a year ago, refused food, lost weight and his coat deteriorated. After 3 injections and a course of tablets by the vet, Tigerli was still not himself. I heard about Anima-Strath and started to give it to Tigerli daily.

After 3 months, Tigerli is back to his old self. His appetite has improved, his coat shiny and he is extraordinarily active. Anima-Strath is wonderful and we would whole heartedly recommend it!


Tabby Cat

My 4 year old Doberman, Diesel, suffers with allergy problems related to food and the environment in general. Despite changing his diet and medicinal treatment, he was still struggling with sneezing, watery eyes, spots in his ears and blisters on his paws. I investigated to see how I could improve his immune system and came across Anima-Strath.

After 6 weeks of treatment with Anima-Strath, he became strong and healthy with no signs of allergy. Upon stopping administration his symptoms returned so I immediately put him back onto Anima-Strath. I cannot thank you enough, my Diesel is very important to me and his health paramount.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.